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Every week at Street Buffet,dedicated volunteers cook and serve hundreds of meals to people sleeping rough on Sydney’s streets.Help make a difference by donating or volunteering now!


Our mission is to challenge the cycle of poverty in Australia through empowering & educating underprivileged children. Under this project we give quality education to those who abstain themselves from education due to social, economic and political reasons. We provides all the basic stationary to these children, so we need your help.


Through this we want to spread a message that they are humans too and must be treated equally. They have the same talent, capabilities and respect as the other half of society has. They are the real worries since their childhood and encounters different challenges in their lives. We must respect and help them in their plight.


It is the place where we live, on which we are dependent. It’s our prime duty to protect our environment from degradation and promote sustainable development programmes. Our team work on such programmes which may create a sense of responsibility amongest the citizens of Australia so that they may stand, not to cut trees rather to protect them.

Supporting Homeless people in Sydney

Street Buffet is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to meet homeless people’s fundamental human right for food and connection. Street Buffet’s vision is a world where homeless people matter. We recognise the dignity and worth of people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness. Street Buffet believes the classic saying: charity begins at home. Starting on the streets of Sydney, we work to support people who are sleeping rough, one meal at a time. Our goal is to work with the community to support the 116,000 homeless people across Australia and tackle the long-term issues that cause homelessness

Homelessness is a serious issue in Sydney

Street Buffet aims to make thisweekly event about human dignity and worth, with a side of fun. But homelessness is a serious issue. Any Sunday night, the people eating at Street Buffet will be among the estimated 116,000 homeless people in Australian. These numbers were reported in the 2016 Census but are likely to be under-reported.

Close to one-third of homeless people – around 30,000 people – live in Sydney. Almost 50% of all homeless people are aged under 25 years, and NSW is the state with the most homeless young people. In Sydney, 60% of homeless people sleep rough (on the streets not under shelter). The vast majority are men (over 80%), most between 25 and 55 years old.

Many people who are homeless have significant mental health or substance abuse issues. Too often they aren’t in touch with the support they need.

Most don’t have access to basic food, toiletries, and other material items.

40% of homeless people will usually have gone one or more days without eating.
The average homeless person in Sydney is a 42 year old man. This could be your dad, your son, your mate, your brother – someone who matters to you. Women who are homeless may have left relationships where there has been domestic violence. There aren’t enough places at shelters and refuges to meet their needs – and their children’s needs. This could be your mum, your nan, your sister, your friend – people who matter. Youth homelessness is a huge problem. There are around 44,000 young people who are homeless. The facts on homeless young people and mental illness are concerning:

Young people with a mental illness are three times more likely than those without mental health issues to become homeless

Young women aged 15-24 have the highest rates of accessing Specialist Homelessness Services, usually because of domestic violence and sexual assault.

If a person is homeless at a young age, they are more likely to face homelessness as adults.

Street Buffet shows homeless people they matter

Street Buffet aims to put hot food in people’s stomachs, and hopefully a smile on their face. After serving regulars for years, the Street Buffet team knows first-hand that homelessness is a long term challenge. Mental health and social isolation aren’t fixed in one week, or with one meal. Even though Street Buffet has been operating since 2015, some local people experiencing homelessness won’t be comfortable joining in with the group.

Our volunteers and coordinators get to know peopleover time. If they prefer not to join in, a team member will walk a meal over to their usual spot. It’s these gestures that have helped Street Buffet build up trust with the homeless community. Street Buffet alsodoesn’t just provide meals. Over the years our team has worked with the community to give our homeless friends the support they need, when they need it. With the generous support of the Sydney community, Street Buffet has been able to provide people with:

Essential toiletry items

Clothes and shoes

Blankets and scarves (especially when people need them most in winter)

Furniture, toys and household items when people get access to accommodation

Haircuts – donated by many wonderful hairdressers over the years.
For almost five years, Street Buffet has been walking the walk and showing people on the streets of Sydney they matter. Join the Street Buffet family and show homeless people you think they matter too. Donate, drop off food, or volunteer now.

Australians are generous people

Australians are generous when it comes to donating their valuable time and money to good causes. According to the most recent statistics, around one-third of Australians take part in volunteer work (2014). Over 80% of Australians donate to charities and not-for-profit organisations (2015/16). When it comes to donations made by individual Australians, the leading three causes people donate to are: religion ($3.2 million); international ($2.1 million); and health ($1.97 million).
NSW is the most “giving” state, with $1.1 billion in donations each year. Each year generous Aussies donate over $2 million to international causes. These are worthy, and so are people living rough in Sydney. Street Buffet hopes you can dig deep and make a difference for people in your backyard.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one”Mother Teresa

There are plenty of ways you can make a difference in the lives of a homeless person in Sydney. Join the Street Buffet family and:

Donate.For a few dollars a week you can help Street Buffet buy a homeless person a hot meal.

Volunteer. Spend an hour each week, once a fortnight or once a month to help serve homeless people in Sydney delicious meals.

Drop off a meal or arrange for Street Buffet to collect your generous donation.