PCB Designing

Professionals in PCB design are needed by almost every electronics manufacturer, be it a small-scale industry or an MNC.

PCB design is very critical to the performance of the electronic hardware. With the rapid growth of the embedded systems industry, the demand for good PCB designers is also increasing rapidly.

Course Duration: 30 Hours

Pre-Requisite: Basic knowledge of electronic components

Result:This Course provides basic building blocks necessary for success with the design of modern circuit boards.

Course Contents

  • Introduction
    • Introduction to different types of PCBs
    • Familiarisation with electronics components.
  • Schematic Creation
    • Understanding schematics and symbols
    • Searching components footprints and symbols
    • Choosing the right components
    • Schematic drawing
    • Editing symbol libraries
    • Running ERC
  • Board Creation
    • Manual Routing
    • Component placing
    • Practice via manual routing on PCB
    • Design verification
    • Designing of single sided PCB
    • Using of packaged libraries
    • Auto routing
    • Editing and creation of components
  • Report generation
    • Net list
    • Bills of Material(BOM)
    • Gerber File Creation
    • Drill legend Generation
  • Fabrication

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PCB Designing
Course Information
  • Course Id:TI-212
Anurag Byala

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