Top 10 Highest Paying Job Options in IT For 2017

Top 10 Highest Paying Job Options in IT For 2017

People are always looking for highest paid Jobs or which career will offer higher salary with benefits:

So that your Bank account remains strong and you have High Class Status in Society. In Today’s world, IT Companies are recruiting maximum number of Students Because of Huge amount of work is Done under IT Section. Every kind of Business needs help of IT Company Team for better results because everybody want to use latest and best technology to grow their Business. So there is very wide variety of Jobs in IT Career.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in IT:

  1. Software Architect

It is one of the Highest Paying Job in IT Sector. Software Architect makes great level designs and technical Standards which include coding criteria, tools & Platforms. All it matters is the Basic Knowledge and broad Experience in the field. Learning period never stops, they should be willing to learn new things. He should be aware of latest techs and complex problems.

Pay Scale: From Rs 9, 00,000 to Rs 30, 00,000

Employers: Hewlett-Packard Company, Wipro Technologies Limited, Infosys Limited, Nokia Siemens Networks, Accenture and Ericsson Inc.

     2. Software Development Manager

Role of Software Development Manager is cope up with the team of Software Developers. This team needs to unresolved software. Manager need to develop better atmosphere and manages software knowledge & experience that need to be applied in the job.

Pay Scale: From Rs 9, 50,000 to Rs 34, 00,000

Employers:, Oracle Corporation, Amdocs Inc and IVY Comptech.

    3. Solutions Architect

A Solutions Architect is answerable for transforming the requirements into design documents that can be used by the rest of the improvement team. He has to tie the technologies with the problems being solved.

Pay Scale: From Rs 7,60,000 to Rs. 24,00,000

Employers: Ericsson Inc., TATA Consultancy Service Limited, Accenture, Wipro Technologies Ltd., IBM Corp., HCL Technologies Ltd., Infosys Limited, Nokia Siemens Network, Techmahindra Ltd. And Hewlett- Packard Company.

    4. Analytics Manger

An analytical Manager is responsible for strategy, application & support of the data analysis solution. One should have good experience in Data analysis & Business analysis to understand the numbers and make them grow better.

Pay Scale: From Rs 6,00,000 to Rs. 20,30,000

Employers: Genpact, HSBC and Hewlett-Packard Company.

   5. IT Manager

IT manager works for IT related management accomplishments. They have to manage Organization’s Technology Infrastructure. Person should be good in Network & Project Management. IT Manager manages all the ongoing Packages of IT Services. Its pay depends upon the Skills of Manager and eagerness of learning new stuff.

Pay Scale: From 3,60,000 to 21,40,000

Employers: TCS, HCL Technologies Ltd., Accenture, Wipro Technologies Ltd., IBM Corp., Vodafone & Infosys Ltd.

   6. DATA Scientist

Data Scientist uses the aptitude to understand the rich data source or cope with large amount of Data despite of Hardware, Software, merge data sources, ensure consistency of datasheets and More Stuffs. Learning about Statistical analysis, Big Data analysis, Optimization, information retrieval and engineering.

Pay Scale:  From 3,20,000 to 18,40,000

Employers:  HSBC, Global Logic, Accenture, Genesco HSC & Amazon.

  7. Security Engineer

Software Engineer has to Focus on Security aspects of Systems. Security Engineer will help from increasing threat of Cyber World. Person should be expert in Web Security and Encryption.

Pay Scale: From 3,00,000 to 9,0,000

Employers: Orange Business Service, CMCL Ltd, Accenture, Software AG, HCL & IBM.

  8. QA Manager

Quality Assurance Manager should have skills of Team leadership, Project management & People Management. Bangalore is the right place for this kind of Job. With experience these skills grow up.

Pay Scale: From 4,00,000 to 20,00,000

Employers: Amazon, Cybage, Oracle, Fidelity Investments & Synerzip

  9. Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer Hardware Engineer has to investigate plans, projects and test Computer Equipment. They help in making speedy Developments in computer technology. All the MNC’s trying too advance their Computer World. So Computer Hardware Engineer is must.

Pay Scale:  From 90,000 to 6,00,000

Employers:  Alpine Infosoft Pvt Ltd, Juniper Networks, Microsemi Corporation & Softec Systems.

  10. Database Administrator

A database administrator is responsible for fitting Structure, Promotion, Supervision, monitoring, maintenance and Security of databases in an organization. Skills required are Oracdle, UNIX, IBM DB2 & Microsoft SQL Server.

Pay Scale: From 4,60,000 to 16,00,000

Employers: Oracle Corp, Wipro Technologies ltd, TCS Ltd, Infosys Ltd, HCL Technologies, Dell, CSC & Mphasis Corporation.


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