Ques 1 : What is the best way in which you can explain term digital marketing ?

Expected answer : Digital marketing also known as data driven marketing is a best way to promote or market your products and services through online mediums . This can be done through various marketing techniques such as SEO , SEM , CONTENT MARKETING , E-MAIL MARKETING ,LINK BUILDING etc .

Ques 2 : What attracted you to digital marketing industry?

Expected answer : You need to be honest here. You can say about highly paid jobs in digital marketing,or you can talk about company’s reputation. Your answer should be full of enthusiasm which makes him to pick you among all the other candidates available.

Ques 3 : What is keyword and why keywords are important ?

Expected answer : keywords help you to identify relevant words or phrases that are overall linked to the theme of your website. They help the user to find specific information. If we talk about SEO keywords are very crucial as they represent your page ranking .

Ques 4 : To optimize site rankings , what are the best areas where you can use keywords ?

Expected answer : you can use the keywords in

  • website url
  • website title
  • Meta tag
  • Web page content
  • Headlines
  • Body text

Ques 5 : How will you benefit our digital marketing business ?

Expected answer : Here all you need is to talk about your personal experience, your skills, how you are different from rest of applicants, what is the knowledge and experience that you have got so far.

Ques 6 : What is google adwords remarketing ?

Expected answer : In this type of re-marketing you get to know the people who previously visited your website but they didn’t make any purchase. Hence, knowing people’s interest you can target right people with right ad.

Ques 7 : What is the way in which you can place google adwords ?

Go to . Find the “get started now” button and then you can sign up for adwords account . once you get logged in click the create first campaign button . now you can start with campaign type and name .

Ques 8 : what do you like the most in digital marketing ?

Expected answer : Here you can talk about the areas where you can enjoy mostly workng on . Rather than opting for more easy tasks you should talk about challenging tasks too .

Ques 9 : where do you see yourself in next 10 years in this industry?

Expected answer :  You need to talk about

  • Proffesional goals
  • Your strengths and how you can benefit the company in maximum way .
  • Your aspirations and how hard will you work for the designation you have applied for .


Ques 10: What are the best techniques that make you stay updated with latest trends of digital marketng ?

Expected answer :  This is the most widely asked question .
Here you can talk about

  • blogs
  • books
  • webinars
  • podcasts



Ques 11: How can you explain the difference between branding and Direct marketing ?

Expected answer : BRANDING :
In this the marketer exposes his brand on various sites, for instance, Custom ads, YouTube ads, re-marketing etc.

DIRECT :In this only the right customers are targeted through various techniques like dynamic search ads , shopping ads and search networks only .

Ques 12 : How can you target more audience through Facebook or any social networking sites?

Expected answer : Now the interviewer is not looking for mugged up answer. However, in return you can ask interviewer some questions. they may include that what specifically do you want to achieve or what type of customers you want to target.

Ques 13 : What is the best way to analyse and track if a campaign was a success ?

Expected answer : Here you can say about increased brand awareness , Lead generation and boost in social media followers. You can talk about the objective of the plan and a strategic layout is carried out .

Ques 14 : What are the useful digital marketing tools ?

Expected answer :  Top digital marketing tools

  • keyword discovery
  • Google analytics
  • Favicon generator
  • Alexa ranking
  • Submitexpress link popularity

Ques 15 : How can you explain pay per click advertising ?

Expected answer : It is the best way to direct traffic to websites . In this the owner of the website pays to publisher when the ad is clicked .

Ques 16 : How can you explain primary models for pay per click ?

Expected answer : FLAT RATE PPC : In this there is fixed amount agreement which is to be paid per click . However ,the amount may vary as per the content and acoording to people .
BID RATE PPC : IN this the publisher hosts a private auction in which one advertiser competes with the other and they tell the publisher for the maximum amount of bid they are willing to pay.

Ques 17 :What are the things you should keep in mind while chosing effective ppc keyword ?

Expected answer : 

  • you may choose targeted( most widely used) keywords
  • you may also use keywords which have more scope in future

Ques 18 : What is your biggest challenge in this field so far and how did you overcome it ?

Expected answer : Here the employer wants to check hoe you deal with your failure . Here you ned to think carefully about the challenges you have encountered so far in life and how you worked on them . what were the outcomes , what you have learnt from them and how that knowledge can be used for success of future compaigns .

Ques 19 : What do you know about googlebot?

Expected answer : This is a software used as a bot by a google to index a webpage .Firstly, this software collects information from every webpage by crawling and catching and then every webpage is indexed according to the content .

Ques 20 : what do you know about google sandbox?

Expected answer : Here the fresh sites are kept for certain period of time until they get their establishment in the search resuts .

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